About Us

Inside everyone is an incredible cook. Someone that can cook an amazing meal any night of the week.

Hello Chef! helps busy families eat healthy, tasty food. Every week we send you a pack full of fun and easy recipes for delicious dinner ideas with the fresh ingredients you need to cook them, direct to your door.

All you need to do is choose the size of pack that suits you. Delivery is free and all the meals can be cooked in about 30 minutes. Our recipes change every week so you’ll never get bored of eating at home. We’ll even give you a discount for placing your first order. So order your pack today!

About Olivia


Big surprise – I love food!

I have been cooking and catering for friends and acquaintances since I was a teenager and have a degree in Hospitality Management from a University in Finland. What that really means is that I had an amazing time at school, cooking fabulous meals and tasting awesome wines while learning about the industry. My mother is French and so family dinners were an everyday event for me while growing up. I have many amazing memories from around the table over some simple everyday-dinners. I think our mums are superwomen, how did they do it all?

After having children, life all a sudden got busier and gourmet cooking took a back seat for me. Now it’s all about variety, nutrition and simple flavours with a twist. This kind of food makes me happy and I try to give my family similar memories to those I am lucky enough to remember from around the dinner table.

For a long time I was building a career in project management and operations – but I knew my true calling lay elsewhere. I resigned from a Big-4 professional services company in 2014. Now, with the support of my family and friends I am on a mission to make life better by providing a simple solution for the busy people of today. Cooking at home has multiple benefits relating to physical and mental health and can be easy and enjoyable even after a long day if fresh ingredients arrive to you ready to cook!