Quinoa – A Vegetarians Dream!

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This week’s Ingredient of the week is Quinoa!

Quinoa is one of the many great ingredients that are being sent out in our Hello Chef! boxes this week, and it is considered to be a superfood.

You’ve probably seen countless articles about the incredible health benefits of “superfoods.”
Here’s the thing: There’s no official designation or criteria for superfoods; they’re really just healthy, nutrient-dense foods; like salmon, kale, nuts, and of course, quinoa.

Here are a few reasons to make this superfood a staple in your meal plan:

A Complete Protein: One cup of cooked quinoa contains eight grams of protein, which is nearly double the amount found in rice and other grain-like foods. Even better news for vegetarians: quinoa is a complete protein source.

A Great Source of Fiber: Fiber is an important part of any weight loss plan — it can boost digestive health and help you feel fuller. A cup of quinoa contains 5 grams of fiber, giving it a serious edge over starches like white rice (0.6 grams per cup) and whole-wheat bread (1.9 grams per slice).

Some Other Great Benefits: Quinoa is an excellent source of iron and magnesium, and a good source of many of the B vitamins, as well as calcium.

A tip for the Home Chefs: Rinse quinoa before cooking it to remove the soapy, bitter coating! 😊

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