The Soup Trend (continued)

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Give a warm welcome to yet another soup trend – turn lasagne, tacos or chilli con carne into a hearty soup!

Lasagne, Tacos and Chilli Con Carne are always considered as warm, filling and comforting. You can now enjoy the familiar flavours of classic dishes, but with fewer calories. Does this sound like a recipe for success? It does to me.  According to 2017 Food Trends, we will be warming ourselves with bowls and bowls of soup. In the UAE we don’t really need to warm ourselves with a bowl of soup, but let’s do it anyway. Turn up the AC and create a cosy winter mood!

The foodie world has been raving about soups for a while, and we have posted about Souping last week. Continuing this trend you will hear about all the classic comfort foods (Lasagne -, Taco -, Chilli Con Carne -, Stew Soup) with more broth, less carbs and less calories.

Doesn’t this Lasagne Soup make you want to dive in? Please don’t, it is burning hot! If you would like to test out the Best Lasagne Soup Recipe (ever) simply click here.


Taco Soup is flavourful and healthy! This quick turkey chilli taco soup will satisfy your cravings, just takes 20 minutes to cook and tastes like it was simmering for hours! Top it with your favourite chilli toppings such as sour cream, cheese or whatever you like for a healthy meal that can be prepped for the week or frozen for another night. For the full recipe, click here.


I recently tried this Chilli Con Carne Soup recipe and I fell in love! Maybe it had something to do with the right amount of crushed dried chilli in the recipe that had me all blushed. You can scatter some herbs, cheese and black pepper over the soup for final touches.


My guess is that we will probably live on soups for the next few months ahead, or until a new food trend kicks in. If you are a regular subscriber to our meal kits, you will know that we regularly include a soup recipe or two!

Happy Slurping!


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