Souping: Goodbye Juice Cleanse

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Goodbye juice cleanse, here comes souping.

Want to lose weight? This trendy diet plan can be the kickstart you’re looking for.

Here’s a business idea for a wanna-be-entrepreneur in the UAE. Set up a company that offers soup cleanses! That’s right: souping is the new health trend, and one that makes so much sense that it could become a big thing. I guess everybody and even their mother knows about the two previous health vogues: superfood smoothies and detoxifying juices. Souping combines them, and takes cleansing to a whole new level.

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Unlike juice, soup holds the pulp and fiber of veggies and fruits within. Fiber plays a huge role in weight loss. Not only does it help maintain satiety and aid digestion, but also improves gut health and promotes healthy immune system. And how does soup differ from smoothie? Soups are typically savory, in other words low in sugar. Also, they never contain any dairy, as smoothies often do.

Cleansing soups are almost always plant-based, although some diets plans include beef bone broth. At least in the US they now have several delivery companies that offer soup packages. One-day set usually contains about 1,200 calories. But rather than doing a full-on cleanse, many people simply swap one or two meals a day with a nourishing concoction that can easily be made at home.

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See if you want to try the trend.

Find nutrient-dense, detoxifying soup recipes for example here and here.

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